Our story


After a few years of product testing and development, Peter Johnston founded the company, A.T. Industries Ltd., in 1994 to produce the highest quality fabrics and textiles for the transportation industry. The family business has acquired the reputation in the UK and much of Europe as the leading supplier of engineered automotive textiles, and the brand has become the leader in the industry.


By the year 2000, customer demand led to the opening of a new, purpose-built, distribution centre in the UK Midlands, to effectively service all the ongoing production programs of our regular customers, and facilitate just-in-time deliveries across Europe. 


Prior to Brexit, AT Industries opened a dedicated central warehouse in Bavaria, Germany in 2020 to service existing European customers and make AT materials available to the vehicle-construction, coachbuilding, and transportation sectors in all countries of the EU, and beyond!

The future

AT industries now has the capacity to expand into all EU markets, working closely with customers, with in-depth stockholding to meet their ongoing production programs and delivery requirements. Using the latest production techniques, AT Industries significant investment in R&D provides ongoing product development to meet all the standards and provide new state-of-the-art solutions, technically and aesthetically, for the coachbuilding and transportation sectors.

Values and ethic

Products Driven by Quality

Our materials have been tried, tested and developed over many years, with customer and passenger satisfaction at the forefront of our design process.

We create interior finishes that are functional, visually attractive and add to the sense of comfort inside the passenger cabin.


A.T. Industries is committed to minimising its environmental footprint. Our best-selling products are made using recycled material, and we help reduce wastage by designing innovative, installation-friendly products.